Founded in 1930, the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) is committed to the advancement and incorporation of the state-of-the-art in structural engineering standards and practices through applied research, continuing education, and the promotion of professional relations among Civil, Structural, and Geotechnical Engineers.

SEAONC endeavors to enhance the life safety, environmental health, and economic well-being of the public served by Structural Engineers through direct involvement in the development of building codes, through community education and through liaison and consultation with legislative and regulatory agencies that influence the design and construction industry.

The success of SEAONC, in its efforts to serve the public and the profession, stems chiefly from the volunteer commitments of members working on committees, both technical and non-technical, that form the basis of SEAONC operations. The majority of Association members are licensed engineers regularly engaged in the practice of structural engineering. The Association also draws membership from related fields involved in design and construction, including academe (professors and students), contractors, architects, and representatives from industry and government.

Membership in SEAONC is encouraged for anyone interested in the profession, seeking an opportunity to serve the public, share knowledge or ideas, or otherwise help shape the practice of structural engineering. 

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