The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California was established in 1929 by small group of Southern California engineers in the private practice of structural engineering.  The purpose of the group was to promote the profession of structural engineering and to provide for the discussion of common problems, ethical, technical and economic. Shortly after its formation, the Association expanded both its purpose and its scope of membership.  Each year since the Association has seen a substantial increase in membership and an increased program scope of activities and services, both to its members and to the public.

SEAOSC today has over 1600 members which represent all phases of the construction industry. Membership consists primarily of engineers involved in building and bridge design /research in both Southern California and throughout the world.  The Association has regular monthly meetings to keep the members informed of the latest technology, research and construction methods.

The goal of the Structural Engineers Association has been to establish high professional standards to advance the science of structural engineering and to provide the public with safe and economical buildings. Members have joined the Association to assist in fulfilling those goals, to maintain their skills and to keep current with the state of the art of structural engineering.

The  Structural Engineers Association combines the talents of some of California's most qualified research engineers with engineers in design, construction and government to advance the quality of the profession. Committees review proposed codes and standards for local, state, and national agencies, develop new codes and identify areas in which further research is necessary. Committees have worked towards the passage of legislation in such fields as the regulation of the construction of both public and private schools, hospitals, institutional buildings, high rise and many other type of buildings. 

The undeniable success of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California in its efforts to  serve  the  profession  and  the  public stems primarily  from  the volunteer commitment of its membership, who over the past 75 years have worked diligently toward the betterment of the structural engineering profession.

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