Awards & Grants

SEAOC is pleased to offer the following awards and grant opportunities. Click the title to jump down to details below.


Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards

SEAOC is respected as an authoritative world leader in the practice of structural and earthquake engineering, as a nationally influential participant in structural code and standard development and as a valuable resource to practicing structural engineers in California. SEAOC consists of 4 regional Member Organizations (MOs): Northern CA (SEAONC), Southern CA (SEAOSC), Central CA (SEAOCC), and San Diego (SEAOSD); each focused on regional considerations while being supported at the state level by SEAOC addressing statewide initiatives. 

Each year, the four MOs, through their respective Excellence in Structural Engineering (EiSE) Awards programs, give recognition to their members and firms for demonstrating outstanding achievement and excellence in structural engineering practice and project work. At the state level, the SEAOC EiSE Awards bring together projects, recognized by their local MOs, to celebrate the “Best of the Best”, serving as models of excellence in structural engineering representing California Structural Engineers. 

To this end, SEAOC and its Member Organizations, is announcing this Call for Entries and encourages eligible members to submit their projects for consideration in the 2017 EiSE Awards Programs. Entrants will submit projects through SEAONC, SEAOSC, SEAOCC or SEAOSD, as applicable for their respective MO. Entries receiving Award of Excellence or Award of Merit recognition at the regional level will be automatically elevated and entered into the State Awards program to be honored at the SEAOC 2017 Annual Convention. Additionally, the Awards recipients are published in the SEAOC Newsletter and Website, as well as, made available to local media, professional journals and press releases through SEAOC’s Communications Committee.

View past award recipients here >

How to Enter:

To truly celebrate outstanding achievement and significant contribution to the profession, and recognize the best of the best, the Regional and SEAOC Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards are now integrated into a single, two-tiered program. In order to participate in the State Awards program, you MUST first enter one of the Regional (SEAONC, SEAOSC, SEAOCC, SEAOSD) Awards programs. If your project receives an award in the Regional program, it will be entered into the SEAOC Awards program automatically with no additional fee. To enter the awards for 2017, visit your Regional website above for details.

2017 Eligibility Extension: With the roll-out of the SEAOC Excellence in Structural Engineering (EiSE) Awards combined format this year, the following clarification is necessary to address projects awarded recognition in last year’s regional awards programs that were not submitted by the recognized team for the 2016 SEAOC Awards program honored in Hawaii: Eligibility for entry in the 2017 SEAOC EiSE Awards program, to be judged and recognized at the San Diego SEAOC Convention, is extended to those projects having received Award of Excellence or Award of Merit recognition by their regional member organization, not previously submitted as a SEAOC EiSE Program entry. This Eligibility Extension applies to specific projects and the specific project team recognized by the regional MO (SEAONC, SEAOSC, SEAOCC, SEAOSD) with an Award of Excellence or Award of Merit during the 2015 or 2016 Awards Ceremonies which have not been entered in the state level SEAOC EiSE Programs within the last two years. Projects submitted under this Eligibility Extension shall be submitted through the Regional MO’s Entry process, but shall be clearly identified as being submitted for the “State SEAOC EiSE Awards – Eligibility Extension”. Entries noted as such will not be judged for this year’s MO Awards program, but shall be validated by the MO and forwarded along with all other recognized entries for the 2017 Awards Program. Projects submitted under this Eligibility Extension shall include an Entry Fee of $75.00.


SEAOC YMF Convention Stipend

The 2016 SEAOC YMF Convention Stipend program was developed to encourage SEAOC younger members to attend the annual SEAOC Convention. SEAOC has awarded $750 stipends to one younger member, age 35 or younger, from each SEAOC Member Organization (region) to attend the 2016 SEAOC Convention. The SEAOC Board of Directors and Convention Committee are pleased to announce the winners as: 

Philip Bastiao (SEAONC) 
Kate Cuddington (SEAOSC) 
Lisa Bridge (SEAOSD) 
James Langelier (SEAOCC)  

SEAOC congratulates the award winners!


CVSIC Young Member Convention Stipend

New this year, California & Vicinity Steel Information Council (CVSIC) has sponsored the 2016 CVSIC Young Member Convention Stipend program to encourage younger members to attend the annual SEAOC Convention. CVSIC has awarded ten $1,500 stipends to members age 35 or younger. These awards provide opportunity for younger members to attend the 2016 SEAOC Convention, who might not otherwise be able to do so. The 2016 SEAOC Convention will have numerous steel sessions which further the objective of CVSIC: to educate structural engineers in the economical design, fabrication, and erection of structural steel. CVSIC, AISC, and the SEAOC Board of Directors are pleased to announce the winners as: 

Brylle Cabacungan, SEAONC 
Chad Closs, SEAOSD 
Caleb Dunne, SEAOCC 
Jonas Houston, SEAONC 
Tim Nelson, SEAONC 
Matt Quan, SEAOCC 
Kerry Regan, SEAOSC 
Leticia Torres, SEAOCC 
Samantha Vroomen, SEAONC 
Anna Weiser Woodward , SEAONC 

SEAOC thanks CVSIC and AISC for sponsoring these awards, and congratulates the award winners! 


SEAOC College of Fellows Scholar

SEAOC’s College of Fellows is now soliciting applications for selection of the 2016 SEAOC College of Fellows Scholar, in the first year of this new scholarship program. The selected applicant will be provided a grant of $ 5,000 upon completion of their first term of studies at an accredited California graduate school program in Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis, Architectural Engineering or Structural Engineering. 

The applicant for selection as the SEAOC College of Fellows Scholar shall have obtained an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering or Architectural Engineering from an accredited engineering school or university and has at a minimum one year structural engineering consulting or research experience following receipt of the undergraduate degree. The applicant shall also have membership in one of the four SEAOC member associations. Any class of membership is acceptable.  
The applicant for the grant shall submit:

  • A resume of education and experience not to exceed two pages 
  • A statement of their career goals and reason for pursing an advanced degree not to exceed one page
  • Notification of acceptance to the graduate program selected and
  • Letters of recommendation from two members of any of the SEAOC member organizations who hold either Member or Member SE class of membership.  

The entry deadline for 2016 has now passed. The selection of the scholar will be based on the evaluation of the members of the College of Fellows and all decisions will be final and not subject to review or contest.

The scholarship is fully funded by the College of Fellows, whose members are selected for their long service to SEAOC, its member organizations, and the structural engineering profession. 


SEAOC Foundation Research Initiative

The SEAOC Foundation Research Initiative is intended to provide financial support for innovative projects that will serve SEAOC and its members through initiatives that improve and promote structural engineering practice.  The scope of possible initiatives is broad with the goal of soliciting creative project proposals from SEAOC members.  Subject to the availability of resources and the quality of proposals, the Foundation expects to fund one or more projects per year, through one-year grants with funding up to $5,000 per project. Learn more >