Proceedings - 83rd Annual 2014 - Indian Wells

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Proceedings with abstracts from the 2014 SEAOC Convention held September 10-13 in Indian Wells, CA.

Abstracts Include:

2012 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manual - Volume 4 (Steel), Design Example 5: Eccentrically Braced Frame Construction
Scott M. Adan, Ph.D., SE, SECB

A Comparison of Code-based and Analysis based Ductility Demands on Buckling Restrained Braces
Justin D Marshall, PE, PhD; Brandt Saxey, SE, MSc; Jerod Johnson, SE, PhD; and Zhongliang Xie

A Proposal for Carbon Benchmarking of Structures
Mark Sarkisian, SE; David Shook, PE; Joanna Zhang, SE, Associate; and Ricardo Henoch, PE

A State of the Art Review of Cross-Laminated Timber Floor Systems
Scott Breneman, PhD, PE, SE

Analytical Foundation Modeling Considerations for Performance Based Design of Structures
J. P. Singh and M. Ashour

Demonstrating the Applicability of Ring Shaped – Steel Plate Shear Walls for Improved Seismic Performance
Adam R. Phillips, PhD; Matthew R. Eatherton; and Ioannis Koutromanos

Designing an EBF in the Form of a Branching Steel Frame for Seismic Resistance
R. Gary Black and Abolhassan Astaneh-As

Electroslag Welding Solutions for High-Seismic Regions
Janice J. Chambers, PhD, SE; William L. Bong; and Brett R. Manning, SE

Epoxy Anchors in URM Elements with Mechanical Enhancements to Achieve Higher Tension and Shear Capacities
Dihong Shao, SE; Brian Walkenhauer, PE; and Drew Mill

Evaluating Existing and Proposing New Seismic Design Provisions for Rigid Wall – Flexible Diaphragm Buildings
John Lawson, SE; Dominic Kelly, SE; Maria Koliou, Ph.D.; and Andre Filiatrault

Evaluation of a Simplified Method for Assessing Kinematic Effects in Piles
Joseph de Larios, Fenggang Ma, John Egan, and Eng Sew Aw

Explicit Evaluation of Steel Panel Zone Stiffness using Equivalent End Zone (EEZ) Model
Behzad Rafezy, PhD; Quang Huynh; and Henry Gallart, PE, SE

Geometry Optimization in Structural Design
Alessandro Beghini, PhD, SE and Mark Sarkisian, SE

Helical Load Paths and Design Opportunities
Mark Sarkisian PE, SE; Neville Mathias PE, SE; Rupa Garai PE, SE; and Andrew Krebs, PE

Innovation in the Sustainable Design Process of Earthquake Resistant Buildings: From Topology Optimization to Staged Construction Analysis
Mark Sarkisian, SE; Eric Long, SE; Andrew Krebs, PE; Alessandro Beghini, SE; David Shook, PE; and Abel Diaz

Innovative Detailing using a Carbon Fiberwrap Solution to Enhance the Seismic Performance of a 1960’s Los Angeles Concrete Building
Victor Reyes, Nabih Youssef, and Amber Wagner

Large Scale World Bank Seismic Risk Reduction Program for Public Buildings
H. Kit Miyamoto, PhD, SE, CEO and Amir S.J. Gilani, PhD, SE

Nonlinear Dynamic Evaluation of a Hospital Stair Tower Demonstrating SPC2 Compliance
Stephen T. Bono, SE; Anindya Dutta, Ph.D., SE; and Kevin S. Moore, SE

Rehabilitation Measures of Existing Buildings to Achieve “Enhanced Seismic Performance”
Mark Sarkisian, PE, SE, LEED; Peter Lee, PE, SE, SECB; Jeffrey Keileh, PE, SE, LEED AP BD+C; and Alberto Lago, PHD, PE

Seismic Behavior of Steel Special Moment Frame Connections with Typical Deck Attachments
Matthew R. Eatherton, Brad W. Toellner, and Charles E. Watkins

Seismic Racking Test Evaluation of Silicone Used in a Four-Sided Structural Sealant Glazed Curtain Wall System
Stephen L. Fisher, SE; Kelly A. Broker; and Ali M. Memari, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE

Soft Story Retrofits for the Real World: Cantilevered Column Modifications for Increased Ductility and Redundancy
Thor Matteson, SE and Justin R. Brodowski, MS, EIT

Testing and Acceptance Conditions for Light-Frame Shear Wall Strengthening Using Glass Fiber- Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Composite Systems in Buildings Assigned to High Seismic Design Categories
David Zhao, PE, SE and Mahmut Ekenel, Ph.D., PE

The Development of a Tsunami Design Chapter for the ASCE 7-2016 Standard
Gary Chock, S.E., F.SEI, F.ASCE, ACOPNE and Rick Wilson

The Role of the Structural Engineer in Zero Net Energy Construction
Karyn Beebe, P.E., LEED AP BD+C

Toward Damage Free Residential Houses Through UniBody Light-Frame Construction with Seismic Isolation
Scott Swensen, Cristian Acevedo, Ezra Jampole, Eduardo Miranda, Gregory Deierlein, Amy Hopkins and Benjamin Fell