Duty to Defend bill set for hearing next week

By Don Schinske, SEAOC Executive Director

SEAOC appreciates the letters that members have been sending to their Assembly Members in support of SB 885 (Wolk), the duty-to-defend reform bill sponsored by ACEC.   The bill is next scheduled to be heard Wednesday, June 28, in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. 

As in the earlier succesful Senate committe hearing on SB 885, we and our allies need to fill the room with design professionals who can voice their support.  Please let us know at dschinske@seaoc.org if you can attend the June 28 hearing, which begins at 9 a.m. in Room 437 of the Capitol. 

Between now and then, SEAOC is asking any of our members who are represented by one of the eight Judiciary Committee members to send them a letter urging their support.  Here’s the Legislative Alert with instructions.  Letters and calls from constituents are critical, and work hand-in-glove with our in-person visits that are happening in the district and in the Capitol. 

Here’s the most recent version of SB 885 which includes clarifying amendments that ACEC negotiated last week. 

On Wednesday of this week, SEAOC Legislative Chair Ryan Kersting will be testifying in the Senate Education Committee re. AB 1783 (Dodd), a bill introduced in response to the 2014 Napa quake that requires seismic-safety inspection of non-structural contents of school buildings.  SEAOC has served as technical consultant to the author’s office on the bill, and is also using the opportunity to alert legislators to the unfinished business of retrofittng school structures across the state under AB 300 (Corbett, 1999).  

SEAOC will also be speaking in support of SB 1085 (Roth) in the Assembly Business & Professions Committee.  The bill, which is sponsored by BPELSG, would require engineers to take a short, non-punitive online exam on licensing board rules and the key provisions of the Professional Engineers Act at the time of licensure renewal.  

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