A Message from the SEAOC President - Ryan A. Kersting, S.E.

By Ryan A. Kersting, S.E., 2014-2015 SEAOC President

Welcome to another year of SEAOC!  I am honored and excited to serve as 2014-2015 SEAOC President.  For those of you who may not know me yet, I am a member of SEAOCC and an Associate Principal at Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers in Sacramento.  I have previously been actively involved in the SEAOCC and SEAOC Seismology Committees, including serving as 2010-2011 Chair of SEAOC Seismology.  I was also Chair of the 2007 SEAOC Convention Committee when SEAOCC hosted at Squaw Creek.  I look forward to getting to know more of you in the coming year through various activities, including planned visits to at least one dinner meeting in each region in the next few months.

The SEAOC Board of Directors and I are enthusiastic about the many ongoing efforts within our organization as well as new opportunities that our Association will have in the coming months and years.  Many of those are highlighted in other sections of this edition of SEAOC Talk and others will be announced in future editions.  Keep in mind that SEAOC’s success and influence is directly related to the participation and involvement of our members.  SEAOC needs you!  We need your energy, your support, your opinions, and your ideas to inform, guide, and lead the activities of this organization.  We also need each of us (and each of our companies/employers) to continue to encourage and support our co-workers and colleagues to engage in SEAOC in one way or another. 

I promise that your involvement will benefit you personally as well as SEAOC.  If you need proof of this, consider the testimonials from the newly-inducted members to the SEAOC College of Fellows.  At the induction ceremony at the Convention last month, each of them spoke quite passionately about how their participation in SEAOC throughout their careers had provided them more professional growth and personal satisfaction that they had ever imagined.

“How can I get involved?”  I am so glad you asked!

  • Join a technical committee… Our regional and state-wide technical committees do great work, and they can always use more members to develop products, recommendations, and interpretations that help shape the code, our practices, and public safety.  If you want to be a leader in the profession, our technical committees can offer great opportunities. 
  • If you are looking for something a little different than that, consider getting involved in either the Legislative or Communications committee.  We all know that the delivery of the message is just as important as, and often more important than, the message itself.  SEAOC now has more and more opportunities to interact with policymakers, media outlets, and the public in general, and we could certainly use more members with the passion and skill to engage in these efforts.
  • Support your local organization by getting involved with one of the many local activities by offering to make a presentation for a dinner meeting, seminar, webinar, etc.; reaching out to mentor a younger member or student; donating to the SEAOC foundation to benefit local scholarships; etc.
  • If you are one of the SEAOC members engaged beyond the realm of SEAOC or have a new opportunity that you think SEAOC should pursue, I ask that you let us know about your efforts/ideas so that we can consider how SEAOC might support those.

I encourage you to contact your local committee chair(s) and/or board members to discuss how to get involved or even just share ideas of something you think one of our committees could add to their agenda.  I also encourage you to contact me directly and I will personally make sure you get the direction or support you need.  If you have a passion or opportunity for our profession or Association, we will help you find the right way to get engaged!

Again, I am looking forward to a great year serving as SEAOC President and hope to see you at one of the many SEAOC events in the very near future!


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