NCSEA? What’s That?

By Norm Scheel, SEAOC Delegate to NCSEA​

NCSEA is the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations.  It is a council consisting of state Structural Engineers Associations, such as SEAOC, referred to Member Originations (MO).  There are currently 41 MO’s in the NCSEA (representing 41 state associations).

SEAOC has been instrumental in the founding and growth of NCSEA since 1993; it provides leadership, volunteer efforts, and financial support to its members.  As the trend was shifting from the 3 provincial model codes (UBC, NBC, SSBC) to the International Building Code (IBC), the SEAOC Board recognized the importance of our involvement at the national level.  Historically, SEAOC, through its committees, strongly influenced structural and seismic portions of the  ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials) Uniform Building Code (UBC).  Given the national code process and other changes, this level of influence by SEAOC is no longer possible.

SEAOC has been intricately involved with NCSEA in order to continue influencing the process of code development, licensure, advocacy, etc.  With the help and enthusiasm of the SEAOC volunteers serving on the NCSEA committees, SEAOC’s involvement in NCSEA provides a “National Front” to influence the aspects of our profession.  The NCSEA Code Advisory Committee consists of seven sub-committees, each with a SEAOC volunteer serving as one of the 4 voting members.  Our committees carry SEAOC’s code change proposals and our positions on other code change proposals to influence the process.

The following is a condensed list showing some of the SEAOC volunteers involved with the NCSEA committees:

  • Structural Licensure            Karl Josephson                    
  • Seismic Provisions              Kevin Moore, Ryan Kersting
  • General Engineering           Stephen Kerr            
  • Wind Engineering                Ken Luttrell                    
  • Evaluation Services             Bill Warren              
  • Existing Buildings                David Bonowitz, Ken Luttrell
  • Emergency Response         Ray Lui
  • Continuing Education          Michelle Kam-Biron, Tim Hart
  • Publications                         Emily Gugliemo                               
  • Special Inspections             Henry Huang

As the SEAOC delegate to NCSEA, I keep the SEAOC board apprised of activities, cast NCSEA votes on behalf of SEAOC, and attend an annual delegates meeting at the NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit.

In a Nutshell, that’s what NCSEA is.  Each SEAOC member pays $20 to NCSEA for membership fees each year.  SEAOC members are also members of NCSEA.  Members will receive the monthly structure magazine, as well as have access to the NCSEA website, which provides other useful member benefits.

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