SEAOC joins forces with the CALBO Structural Safety Committee

By Michelle Kam-Biron, PE, SE, SECB, SEAOSC Past President
Collectively, as an association of structural engineers we can have a strong impact on the industry.  However, the SEAOSC Board realized that there are limited resources as a volunteer membership association and therefore felt it would be beneficial to form partnerships with other likeminded associations such as California Building Officials (CALBO).  Consequently, SEAOSC met with the leadership of CALBO to discuss ways to coordinate activities and achieve some synergy between the two associations.  Once this communication was established and because CALBO represents a statewide association of Building Official, this effort was elevated to the SEAOC level. 
As a result of further discussions with CALBO President, Ron Takiguchi, Past-SEAONC President Colin Blaney, SEAOSC President Jeff Ellis and Past-SEAOSC President Michelle Kam-Bironnow are actively participating on the CALBO Structural Safety Committee.  Some of the topics that are being discussed are identifying and recruiting SEAOC MO members to provide education to building officials at the CALBO 55th Annual Business Meeting, review of FEMA Cripple Wall Retrofit Plan to have a broader and consistent acceptance, and provide a CALBO Tool Kit of significant structural changes to the 2016 CBC as a resource to building officials.  Through SEAOC’s participation on this committee the hope is that together we can strengthen the communication, cooperation and working relationship between structural engineers and building officials and ultimately have a greater impact towards safer and more resilient communities.

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