SEAOC Seismology Committee looks at R

By Bahram Zarin-afsar, Chair of SEAOC Seismology Committee 2013-2014

SEAOC Seismology Committee is currently working on an evaluation of the Response Modification Coefficient.  The focus of the committee effort is to explore the validity of R by reevaluating base assumptions in context of existing available full scale testing data and analytical model analysis.  While there are numerous other studies on the subject, both ongoing and historic, SEAOC intends to explore the subject in context of the practitioner and how one might improve both analysis and design using available procedures with simplifying assumptions.

The SEAOC Seismology Committee consistent with the protocol set by SEAOSC Seismology Committee in an effort to link the current research activities with the efforts of the practicing   engineering community, held its May 30th, 2014 meeting at Stanford University. In a rotating basis it is planning to hold its meetings at Major Engineering Universities across California. The December meeting was held at USC.

At the Stanford University meeting the committee members voted unanimously to form the SEAOC Seismology Advisory Committee and unanimously voted to elect Prof. Trifunac (USC) Prof. Hall (Caltech), Prof. Heaton (Caltech), Prof. Miranda (Stanford), and Prof. Zareian (UCI).

SEAOC Seismology Advisory Committee includes faculty members that are active in area of seismology and/ or are members of the engineering research community and well respected for their work. The formation of this committee will bridge the gap between research and practice.

The committee will be actively involved in analyzing and providing input on the SEAONC Earthquake Performance Rating System for existing structures,  in order to enhance the evaluation of existing buildings and to promote the rehabilitation of existing structural systems that may pose a danger to life safety during the next major seismic activity.

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