SEAOC Wind Committee Report

In September 2009, the SEAOC Board of Directors established the SEAOC Wind Committee. This action coincided with the formation of the NCSEA Wind committee. In accordance with the SEAOC structural standards rules of operation, the Wind Committee comprises a chairperson and six voting members plus single non-voting alternates representing each of the four Member Organizations. 

The SEAOC Wind Committee reviews code changes proposals to ASCE 7-16, 2015 IRC, 2018 IBC and 2018 IEBC. The Committee holds quarterly video conferencing meetings to review action items initiated by the NCSEA Wind committee, ASCE7 Wind committee and issues raised by committee members. 

Alternative and renewable energy has led to a rapid increase in permit applications for the installation of solar photovoltaic arrays in both commercial and residential construction. Design professionals, building officials and industry representatives expressed concerns about the process of design for these installations. Based on these concerns, the SEAOC Wind Committee established the Solar Photovoltaic System subcommittee (SPVS) in October 2011. The SPVS explored design issues related to wind forces and seismic forces and permissible reduction of roof live load under array panels. The SPVS has well over 25 participants including structural engineers, building officials, solar industry representatives and academia with special expertise in wind engineering. 

Topics for future committee tasks include: 

  • Review applicability of special wind regions within California
  • Calculating approximate fundamental frequency for wind design
  • Develop guidelines related to impact on solar arrays on MWFRS, cladding and building components
  • SPVS: complete PV- 3 on roof live load requirements and PV- 4 on quality assurance

James S. Lai, Chair Wind Committee 2013-2014 
Kevin S. Moore, Chair Structural Standards Committee

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